• Equipment Map
  • Asset Viewer

Time Management

  • Status And Location Monitoring
  • Fluid Monitoring
  • Billing Support


  • Reducing Your Maintenance Expenses By Up To 40 %
  • Electronic Capture Of Engine Hours And Maintenance Forecasting
  • Condition Monitorings

Safety & Security

  • 24 / 7 Monitoring Of Your Ground Fleet
  • Access Control
  • Motion Monitoring
  • Impact Monitoring
  • Geofencing

Reporting & Analysis

  • Information At Your Finger Tips
  • Standard Reports
  • Equipment Map Replay
  • Equipment Messenger

Functional Overview

Optimise Your Fleet Operations

And Lower Your Capital And Operational Expenditures

The EFM solution captures real-time data directly from the equipment, thus providing the basis to optimise the ground operations’ activities on-site and beyond.

The collected equipment positions and equipment status derived from the real-time telemetry is displayed as it happens on a digital map. The status of the GSE is easily identified through color-coding. For instance, the map shows where the equipment is and whether the equipment is working or available. The solution from  Quantum Aviation Solutions GmbH allows the ground handler to reduce costs, mitigate risks and improve fleet efficiency. At the same time, EFM helps with equipment optimisation, and safety, while lowering the impact on the environment.

Our Fleet Asset Management Solutions

The modular approach of Quantum Aviation Solutions allow for utmost flexibility and the fastest time-to-value turnaround, to address the departmental requirements of Maintenance, Operations and Environment, Health and Safety / Security.