Company Profile

The company Quantum Aviation Solutions GmbH

The company  has been founded in 2002 in Crailsheim/Germany, under the name proveo. specialises in the optimisation of any type of mobile high value assets, such as GSE fleets at airports, by applying advanced technology software and hardware. 2016 the company has changed ownership and continues its expansion as Quantum Aviation Solutions.

Today the fleet management division of Quantum Aviation Solutions employs a team of industry professionals with a proven track record in the supply, implementation of state of the art technology and consultancy services to airports and ground handling operations worldwide. quantum leveraged to develop the most comprehensive engagement and implementation methodology providing a fast time-to-value approach based on best industry practices, which enable our aviation customers to achieve up to 25% reduction on capital investment and up to 20% reduction in operation expenditure on their ground assets.

Why Quantum?

In the market place we are known as the "Next Generation" provider of telemetry systems. We deliver industrial solutions through a very dedicated, flexible and customer service oriented implementation organisation at a cost that is well below the "traditional" providers who often also use more "heavy" legacy technology.

Our open and flexible system architecture will support special customisation and allows for seamless integration to any existing or future new systems which an operation might deploy.

Our solution provides an end-to-end functionality rich solution, based on the very latest technology and customer requirements delivering innovative ways to optimise and streamline your business.