Real Time High Value
Asset Management

Benefits / USP

Globalisation and deregulation in the aviation industry put both airports and the service providers operating there under significant cost pressure. The industry is responding to these challenges with the development of wireless, GPS-enabled telemetry systems that provide dispatchers with real-time positioning, status and usage data of the assets.

By equipping a ground handler´s ground support equipment with location and telemetry systems, the Equipment Fleet Management (EFM) solution is able to provide real-time asset management capabilities. The EFM solution tracks the current equipment position, status and utilisation as well as determines the vehicle operator authorisations and shows it on a digital SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) map that can run on a PC, laptop or mobile device. This has a direct impact on the company´s profitability.

The EFM solution is aimed at the following goals:

  • The real time map for ground equipment and historic reporting provides a good overview in order to identify problems such as unnecessary idling engines (at standstill). This improved view on operations allows for significant fuel and other cost savings. It improves the billing process due to higher automation and thus resolves the chronic problem of failed billing, which is typical for many ground service companies.
  • The most efficient basis for planning the maintenance of motorised equipment is the engine´s hours of operations. Measuring this allows for a forecast of when a specified number of hours will be reached.

As a result, the EFM solution improves the entire planning and maintenance process and allows significant cost savings in equipment maintenance.

  • Quantum Aviation Solutions is used in many countries all over the world by customers in the aviation industry and others. It has proven its stability and reliability in the rough-handling conditions typical of ground equipment in environments ranging from the cold of Moscow, to the heat of Dubai, to the rain and humidity of Singapore. We have proven that there is enormous OPEX as well as CAPEX savings potential that can be derived from the utilisation of quantums´s system. In addition, operational streamlining and a better flow of communication with the workshop, less paperwork and the time consuming manual input of data into the billing system, will be financially beneficial to the ground handler.
  • A turnkey implementation ensures that your investment is optimised for your ground handling operations.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased safety standards while lowering repair costs by introducing impact monitoring
  • Integration with other systems such as Resource Management, Flight Information System, Billing System, Human Resource Management etc. are already in place.